Living with Hashimoto’s Disease

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One of my client’s (also a Caroline) tells of her experience of living with this autoimmune disease and the benefits of exercise.

I have lived with hashimotos for over 12 years now.  The condition causes fatigue, foggy head, dry skin, anxiety, achy joints, and weight gain. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have the energy to move. Sometimes it is hard to feel confident in your body when you are struggling physically and mentally with an autoimmune disease. 

Benefits of Exercise Working out with Caroline in the gym and via zoom since lockdown has made me realise how much regular exercise plays such a a vital role in my hashimotos management plan. Not only does regular exercise help with my symptom and weight management, it also boosts my metabolism, helps with my breathing, calms the adrenals and releases endorphins.  One of the side effects of hypothyroidism is depression, therefore this release is crucial to my overall well-being.

I have tried many approaches including ashtanga (which was far too intense for my condition).  I then found Caroline and with her help, guidance and support I started slowly with stretching and weight-bearing exercises and then increased my activity as my tolerance increased.  Most importantly Caroline listens.  When I am feeling fatigued Caroline adjusts the workout (getting my heartrate up, which clears my foggy head and warms up my cold hands and feet) until my body feels ready to progress. I feel so much better since working out with Caroline.  I sleep better, my muscles don’t cramp and I feel less anxious and less swollen.

I hear of many more people daily who are struggling with thyroid conditions and not getting anywhere with their GP or Endocrinologists.  So, why workout with Caroline @ Hive… Maintain a healthy weight
Relieve depression
Boost energy

Decrease joint pain
Increase muscle mass
It’s fun and Caroline makes me feel empowered.

The more I exercise, the less fatigued I feel.  I am convinced that increasing my level of exercise plays a very important part in making my thyroid healthier.  I will be increasing my sessions with Caroline.  I feel as though I’m actually living my life again.


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