Lessons from Lockdown 1

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Where do go from here?

As I am writing this we are heading back into another national lock down. Many people are anxious. In March 2020 we didn’t know what was coming, we didn’t know how long and we didn’t know what it would look like. A lot of people accepted the situation and got on with life. We adapted and we accepted strange things as normal. We stopped shaking hands and hugging, we kept our distance. We learned how to wash our hands and deliveries resembled a game of ‘Knock Down Ginger’. We handled it. We clapped for the NHS, we looked out for our neighbours. I don’t know about you, but this time feels a little different. So, where do we go from here? Can we learn any lessons from our the first lockdown?

What about last time?

Many people have been through terrible times of loss and hardship. Last year was definitely tough. I don’t think anyone got through last year without some difficulty. Many people (myself included) put on some extra weight as gyms closed and we used food or wine as treats. I don’t think we expected it to last as long as it did, it seemed to go on a long time. It became all too easy to have a ‘sod it’ attitude towards our health and fitness.

Can we do it another way?

We don’t know what lies ahead or how long we will be in this situation. Perhaps we need to think a little more long term this time. This isn’t the time to give up on healthy eating and exercise. Let’s have a different approach. What if we decided to find creative ways to stay healthy and fit. How about using this opportunity to cook things you wouldn’t haven’t tried before, or aim to walk every day. Why not put on your favourite music and have a dance or have a game of Twister with the family. When was the last time you did some skipping? My husband and I bought an exercise bike and battle ropes in the spring and they got a lot of use. Why not try something different, resistance bands or a kettlebell will keep you busy.

What about Online fitness?

We are lucky to have this as an option. Until lockdown I hadn’t considered this as an option, I didn’t think it was my thing. I’m finding that I can train people online and they can get a good workout. One to one sessions work, you do get the occasional pet or family member wandering past but it adds to the fun. Group online training can be a way of building community when community is not available. In my groups it’s been lovely to have a bit of banter as well as group support. I love the way group members interact. It may not be quite the same but it certainly closes the gap. The group sessions I do on zoom are lively and we have some fun. In some ways it’s a way of visiting with people without having to stare at a screen, it gives us something in common. Find out about training with me here https://www.healthandfitnesshive.co.uk/how-i-can-help/

New Normal

Whatever our new normal looks like when we have come through this, I hope we keep up our creativity. Some people may like the convenience of online training, others will be glad to go out to exercise classes again. It may be that we appreciate things in a new way. Many have discovered that they like exercising outdoors. Don’t give up on fitness and exercise. Look after yourself, you’re worth it.


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