5 Reasons Online Personal Training Will Work for You

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Why Online Training is a Good Option

Once you’ve got the hang of the technology, online Personal Training works well. In a national lockdown, when people are needing to be creative with exercise, many people are finding that working with a Personal Trainer online is a really good option. I’m going to outline 5 reasons why clients are enjoying online Personal Training.

1. Online Personal Training is Convenient

We all live busy lives and finding time to go out to exercise can be tricky. There is something very convenient about being able to exercise in your own home without having to go out. It means you don’t have to arrange for child care, pet care, make sure the washing machine is turned off etc. And you get to use your own shower afterwards!

2. You Don’t Have to Worry About Other People

For some people exercising in public can be quite intimidating. Whether it’s running on a well used path or going into a gym, some won’t want to exercise in front of other people. When you have a personal training session at home it can help you feel more relaxed and less self conscious. If you feel less worried about other people, you’re more likely to get the best out of your session.

3. No Excuses

It is so easy to have good intentions and not really follow through. You can’t blame the traffic or being kept late at work if you have an online session. In these days of home working it’s also possible to fit your session in your lunch break. I can even stay with you while you prepare your food. One of my clients says that doing an online session keeps her honest!

4. You Can Exercise Anywhere there is Internet

In these days of decent internet connection online Personal Training can happen wherever. You can have a session in the garden, while on holiday (we hope), in the garage. Wherever works best for you. You don’t have to go out in the cold and wet. If you’ve got a phone, you’ve got the ability to have a Personal Training session.

5. Online Personal Training is Safe

Working out at home means you don’t come into contact with anyone and you don’t share space or equipment. If you want to keep fit but for any reason you need to protect yourself or others, online Personal Training can be a really safe option for you. In these days of Covid precautions this is a good option for some people. If you fit into a ‘vulnerable’ category, be sure your Personal Trainer has a relevant qualification to work safely with you.

Online Personal Training Works

Yes, it won’t replace everything. But, it can keep us fit and healthy and motivated. It actually works really well and means that we still look after ourselves. Using an online Personal Trainer is a great option because they are able to instruct you and correct form. Doing an exercise wrong can make it less effective (at best) or do you an injury (at worst). Read about the Exercise Referral Qualification here.


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