Do I Really Need a Sports Bra?

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Banishing the Bounce

Have you ever found yourself in the lingerie department, looking at the price of sports bras? I bet you’ve asked yourself, ‘Do I really need a sports bra?’

Maybe you’ve been in an exercise class or on a run and witnessed super bouncing breasts?  Or worse still, ended up with sore, tender breasts yourself?

Let’s look at how we can banish the bounce. And does it really matter anyway?


A Little Bit of Physiology

The connective tissues in the breast are called Coopers ligaments. Bouncing up and down can damage these ligaments, sometimes permanently. This means that your breasts are not very well supported. Stopping the ligament-breaking bounce will also stop you feeling sore during and after exercise.


Which Sports Bra Should I Buy?

There are different types of sports bra.  Finding the one that works best for you will depend on a few things.

Are you doing high impact or low impact exercise?

How big are your breasts?

Do you have any mobility/flexibility issues? Really, this is a thing! Anyone who finds themselves struggling to do up their sports bra or take it off after a hot session will know what I mean.

  • Compression Bras. These do what they say! They compress your breasts into your chest to stop them moving. They  often have a racer back. These can be a bit tricky to get into (or out of) if you have mobility issues.
  • Encapsulation bras. These also do what they say. They encapsulate each breast separately and can be under wired. These are most like your normal bra and may not be best for high impact exercise.
  • A mix of both (probably my favourite).  They are usually front fastening with a clip and a second piece of fabric that zips together and acts like a compression bra. These feel like a good compromise and are great for high impact exercise.
  • Bra tops. I’d only recommend these if you are slender and not doing high impact. Even smaller breasts are susceptible to damage from excessive bouncing!


Who Hand Washes their Bras?

If you do, well done! Your sports bra will last longer. If you’re like me you probably stick it in the machine with the rest of your kit!

However, I have discovered the reason for the separate ‘sport wash’ button in my machine and it’s a revelation! Sports clothes often have an anti wicking property which can be ruined by normal washing powders and by using fabric conditioner. Who knew?

Using a specialist soap and washing all my sports kit together on a longer wash feels like a good compromise for me. Try it, your kit will last longer, smell sweeter and you will feel a little bit more virtuous!


You Really are Worth It

Looking after your breasts isn’t just a vanity thing, you really are worth caring for. Exercise doesn’t need to leave your breasts sore and damaged. Invest in the best sports bra you can. Get it fitted properly. Try some specialist brands if you are particularly well blessed.

When I was very overweight I was embarrassed to go bra shopping. When I started exercising I realised how important it was that I wore the right bra. Having a good bra helped with my posture and reduced soreness.


Look After Your Breasts

I couldn’t finish without reminding you about doing regular breast checks and going for a mammagram when called. I know one lady who believes her life was saved because she attended a routine screening.

In the mean time, look after your boobs!
















  1. Laura

    It’s not just you! I’ve been stuck in sports bras several times in shop changing rooms and then once the panic sets in, it makes them even harder to get off. Once I had to contemplate buying one because I couldn’t get out of it but daughter had to help.
    I have also received ‘injuries’ from being impaled by the wire of sports bras.
    It’s not easy finding right sports bra, especially when many places don’t make them in my size.

    • Caroline

      Yep! You get me! I too had to have a daughter rescue me in a shop fitting room. Small world!


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