Stay Fit in Lock Down

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In these days of Lockdowns and restrictions, staying fit from home is a very real challenge. So is it possible to stay fit in lockdown?
Is it possible to workout effectively from home?
If it is, do we still need gyms? My thoughts on this are yes and yes! It is possible. With just a little bit of equipment you can have a really good workout. It is possible to work your body and get fitter or maintain fitness. But it isn’t an easy option. It does take effort and commitment and self motivation.

Is a Gym Necessary?

Working out in a gym is always an amazing option. There is a variety of different equipment to prevent boredom. Not to mention the community that comes with going to the gym. I love my gym community. I workout and work from ITS Ladies only gym and I love it. Find out more at https://www.itsleisureltd.co.uk/. There’s a whole load of support and care, as well as a lot of laughter and fun. A local gym where you know people and they know you is great for your mental health as well as your physical health. If you find a gym that feels like family you are more likely to keep going and enjoy it. In the uncertainty of the days we are living in, it’s good to have a supportive community we can be part of. I have enjoyed being back in the gym after an enforced break, not just the exercise, but the camaraderie and fun.

What About Online?

There is no doubt that the online workouts have been a lifeline for many people. Online training has made it possible for people to stay fit in lockdown. I have moved to training people online when face to face has not been possible. I have found that I do actually quite like it. For some people being able to train without having to leave their home has been really helpful. Some people may have household members that are vulnerable and don’t want to risk face to face. I have a group of ladies who train together from home which is convenient and they don’t have to arrange childcare. I have found that online training with a small group can also build a sense of community and support.

What’s Best?

There is no definitive answer to this question. I guess, the best form of exercise is the one that you will do, the one you enjoy. It’s also a good idea to try something new once in a while, something you’re not sure about. Try it you might like it. Swapping to online was a challenge for me, I had to get to grips with the technology. Now, I’m comfortable with it and I like it. I love training people in the gym and I love the face to face but I’m happy to work with what works for my clients. I try to make my services accessible to people whichever way they want to train. Check out ways I train with people here https://www.healthandfitnesshive.co.uk/how-i-can-help/.

Whatever you do, keep moving. Restrictions will end.


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