My Weight Loss Journey, the Unadulterated Truth

by | Jan 17, 2021 | My Weight Loss Diary | 10 comments

I really didn’t want my photo taken

This was me in 2015, before my weight loss journey began. I wasn’t miserable, my life wasn’t in bits because of my obesity, I didn’t hate myself (not much anyway). But I wasn’t thriving, here’s why. My weight was restrictive, it stopped me doing the things I wanted to do.

I took the ostrich approach to my health

At the back of my mind I was aware of the health problems I was storing up for myself. It didn’t keep me up at night, but it was a niggle. It’s only as I have studied more and specialised in obesity and diabetes that I understand more. I didn’t want to think about it too much because I didn’t believe I had what it takes to make any changes.

What triggered the change?

I can’t point to one big epiphany, there were a few key moments. The photo introducing this blog was taken in Madeira. We went there to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I did enjoy the holiday, but I was very self conscious. It is a beautiful island but I felt restricted by my weight. I couldn’t enjoy it fully. I felt sad that my weight also affected what my husband would like to do.

Another trigger was when my first granddaughter came along. There is something amazing about being a grandparent. I wasn’t prepared for how much these little people would fill up my heart. I guess, I didn’t want to die before I had the chance to get to know them. That may sound dramatic, but it made me look at my life and health. I procrastinated for about a year before I made the decision to do something about it.

First Steps

I joined a weight loss group and started to lose weight. I didn’t look too far ahead, one week at a time was all I looked at. I did have a big goal, but the small daily wins were what kept me going.

Game Changer

The game changer in my weight loss journey was joining ITS ladies only gym. I received a judgement free welcome and my love of exercise began. As I learned to balance what went into my body with the energy I used, I lost weight. Slowly. The most weight I ever lost was 3lb and that wasn’t normal. I usually lost 1 or 2 pounds a week. But, it was consistent and my body changed. I became a gym bunny. The girl who ‘hated the gym’, was there a lot!

Regrets, I have a few

To quote a rather famous song. Do I wish I’d done it sooner? Definitely, but regret is such a waste of emotion. I regret hiding from family photos because I didn’t want to be seen. I also regret the times I denied my family because I didn’t have the energy to join in with games. But, there is something special about finding fitness in your fifties. I have energy that I thought I would never have done. I’ve done things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

Going back to Madeira

We went back to Madeira the following year. We built a whole load of new memories. We climbed the highest mountain on that volcanic island, Pico Ruivo 1,862m, quite a climb. We took a crazy ride in a whicker sledge which made me laugh until I cried.

Self worth

Is a slimmer version of me worth more? Absolutely not!

It is one of my biggest values and drivers in my fitness business. A person’s worth is not or ever will be bound up in their weight. The difference is about the choices I have now. The difference is the energy I have. It’s also about giving myself the best chance of being around long enough to see my grandchildren grow up.

Read more about my weight loss journey here. https://www.healthandfitnesshive.co.uk/my-weight-loss-diary/let-me-tell-you-about-my-big-fail/


  1. Emma

    What an amazing journey, congratulations!!

    • admin

      Thank you, ongoing journey, a few roadblocks and diversions included!

  2. Catherine

    What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing so honestly Caroline

    • admin

      Thank you. Really appreciate your comment.

    • admin

      You’re Welcome. One of my big values is authenticity, I’m aware that part 2 tells how I’m not perfect!

  3. Sarah

    Wow what an amazing, inspiring story, an amazing achievement

    • admin

      Thank you, I love that amazing achievement can be made by ordinary people.

  4. Marie Parton

    You are inspiring! Well done on your success.

    • admin

      Thank you. Really wanted to be honest and up front. Hope it helps others. Part 2 is how I fell off the wagon a bit and got back on track!

  5. Esther

    Absolutely incredible Caroline. You are such an inspiration.

    Thank you for reminding us that our value is not found in the way we look or weigh. 💜

    What a blessing to be able to enjoy your family more and to photo dive every pic! 😆

    Sending love.



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